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Government Smart Admin System

The Government Smart Administration System is a collaboration tool that digitalizes Government of Rwanda internal administrative process for more efficiency and security and improves Service Delivery across Government institutions and citizens.


Work on the go

GSAS allows you to work conveniently anywhere

Reduce administrative cost

Aids in the reduction of administrative costs

Increased efficiency

Boosts efficiency, security, and service delivery

Accountability for public servants

Ensures secure access while also increasing transparency and ownership


A platform that enhances organizational transparency and accountability as well as improving cost efficiency for government and suppliers by streamlining the procurement system, through digitization. The improved cost efficiency and transparency for both government and suppliers ensures satisfaction in procedures, minimizing possibilities of loss.

Instant messaging

A messaging app that allows users to make video and voice calls, create groups, send text messages, file, picture attachments, and much more.

Project Management System

The Project Management System is intended to provide the most advanced project management environment, allowing for the management of both small and large projects throughout the project life cycle: initiation, planning, and execution

Criminal Record System

Criminal Record System a digitized platform divided into 4 categories to render criminal information services, application processing, and criminal record certificate issuance.